May 13, 2012


“Look, I really don't want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you're alive, you got to flap your arms and legs, you got to jump around a lot, you got to make a lot of noise, because life is the very opposite of death. And therefore, as I see it, if you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisy, or at least your thoughts should be noisy and colorful and lively.”

May 11, 2012


things i would do :

-respects parents
-study like so damn hard
-stop eating in midnight
-dont touching bb while doing hw or stdy
-stop lying ,unless necesarry
-drinks more water
-jumping! so to get taller
-be nice to everyone
-eats more fish
-stop yelling or whatsoever
-eat healthy food, such as vegetables n fruits
-tidy up my room IMMEDIATELY
-money saving
-hair treats
-practicing piano
-stop staring to the lamps
-wake up earlier
-never ever skips tuition again
-listens to the every talking teacher
-say hi or at least smile to the ppl i know
-dont gets angry
-sleep before 11
-stop hating witch , youknowwho
-go green
-stop calling her witch

i still cant post any picture here :(
omg kill me ! so i'm here laying on my bed as a piglet or whatever it is , but i cant lie , i dont wanna do some get up stuffs just to grab my bb , remote tv, or water cause i need it right now but they're too far away of course fromm here , my mind starts flying it explores through whereever it wants to , I WAS HAPPY, because my usedtobealmostperfect life , gone , just gone , like that , why the hell good ppl always gone sooner ? do i have to be bad or smth to avoids this sickness that always shown inside my head ? its 10.30, i need to get my remote to watch my dearest dogwhisperer shows, and the truth is , i dont even know wht time does it actually plays , ohohohahah, silly me , or on what days, too .
cause like i said my mind isnt on my head anymore, i just wanna die .i just wanna die i just wanna die
(going softer like on movies you know)
so whatever.


Jan 23, 2012

go hot , go home

you can tell me an ass , but it wont make any different, seems like everybody is faking , so i dont care what they said, it's still me , well , wht can i say , happy chinese newyear .
i know you to like party so ,

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa where do i begin ?

Nov 27, 2011

bored to death

i cant feel any home , am sorry but it's not like a homeless dog anyway . and i hate the fact that i still cant accept it , and just go through it . all i want is brand new life , stuffs, new peoples , and so much more . why keep talking about it when you know it'll never be happen. god, shit things do happened.
so , life goes like it actually did. alarms clock ringing , bitch school, studied , had chit chat  , do stupid things , shout out loud , laughing like mad , day dreaming , went out and having stupid time , crying , pissed off, scolding , and most of all bored me till death . why can i just be smart and make my parents proud of myself ? -.- stupid question . but really why ? :|
anywy this wifi connection has been running too slow all this time , 'll put some photos next post .

dream as if you'll live forever , live as if you'll die today. :)

Sep 8, 2011

top of the world

Boy you know you get me highWont you take me for a rideTell me where u want to goTell me where u want to go
It's the cataracs
Yo, Its that dancefloor - 808She hit me like a 808Have you all night, vodka straightBottles up, you and meMe and you, on a tripAll night flight, girl lets dipLickin my lips im in the zoneAnd I cant really say what Im sippin on
But You taste good to meGirls like you make historySure does sound like a hit to meNow che-e-e-ck out this beat
Now, you got itYou got it goin on, goin on, & on &on &on &onBoy you know you get me highWont you take me for a rideTell me where u want to go Tell me where u want to goIm your bonnie, you're my clydeI'll be your "ride or die"Tell me where you want to goTell me where you want to go
T-t-t-to the top of the worlddd (x2)
Your daddy must have been a drug dealer (why?)Cause you dopeYou the bonnie to my clyde, Juliet and RomeoYour daddy must have been a drug dealer (why?)I don't know, im just saying anything to get me up inside your throatIs it workin?Im just playinMan this bottle got me sayinI don't ever wanna lose, lose ya right now
T-t-t-to the top of the worlddd
Tell me where you want to go (x4)
Where, you wanna, where you wanna go? (x4)
T-t-t-to the top of the worlddd
It's the cataracs
hi hello! :)
have been years not posting something here.
i'm bored , but pretty busy and stuck in middle of  the spongebob squarepants games. i went to beach , 3 times  . and it takes 12 hours sitting in the car just to get into the first island . exhausted yes i am !

yeay :)

Jun 9, 2011


 i'm sick like freak , have been eating pills but still. my head hurts so bad , get the hell out from my head !